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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn the world that is more global than ever was, any multinational companies (MNC) who wishes to survive and thrive in the increasing level of competition, needs to well understand the concepts of global marketing.

International marketing opens new opportunities for companies who determined to get more market share, profits, and international recognition. Domestic markets are just already too crowded with competitors that basically offering the same things. International markets treats the whole world as the market and with proper international marketing management, it is not impossible for a small company to become a multi national company that sells multiple times than it was in the domestic market in matter of few years.

This business report gives the basic concepts of international marketing and also presents analytical discussions how TwoDogs™ should face the increasing international competition. Based on the analysis and the information gathered, it is recommended that TwoDogs™ to pursue both premium pricing market and lower pricing market.

Both markets offer lucrative business for TwoDogs™ as Japanese market is one of the most seek by multi national companies in the world.

This report presents information about Japan market on the alcoholic beverage and also flavored alcohol beverage (FAB). Understanding the nature of the market of Japan is the key to success for TwoDogs™ to success in the market. Also from the analysis and the gathered information, it is more likely to be safer and to give more ability to be more proactive to the ever changing market demands if TwoDogs™ gives licensing to local Japanese manufacturer.

1. INTRODUCTIONThe world today is ever changing and for that it is ever challenging for any marketers in the world. To be more specific, international marketers nowadays are confronted with global market where their customers are no longer the people who live...