Global Marketing Research

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Global Marketing Research

The companies that operate internationally need to know the market condition which is their expanding marketing target. For most of international marketers, there will be challenges and obstacles that have to be faced carefully and need certain attention if they come into a foreign market. To face those things, the international marketers usually conduct a marketing research before making decision of doing marketing in the foreign market.

Marketing research is conducted with collecting data and analyzing the data to get information needed, generally related with information or market opportunity, desires and needs of the consumers and also other market information. These information are used by international marketers to take decision about product, promotion, price, etc., that will be done in a country. In general, the information that is conducted in marketing research can be obtained from primary and secondary data through quantitative, qualitative or mixed approach.

Actually the information needed by international marketers can also be bought from a research service but sometimes the international marketers also need to do a directly field research to observe consumers behavior. Whatever methods which are used to get the market information accurately might be spending a lot of budget and time.

There is a positive result of international marketing research. The result is about information that is obtained can develop marketing done by international marketers to reach the best in competing in the foreign market. Marketing research needs to be conducted because every consumer in every country has different desires and needs. So by having marketing research, it will give advantages for international marketers to provide goods and services to the international consumers efficiently and effectively.

Practically, international marketing researchers face difficulties when conducting the international marketing research. One of its difficulties...