Global Recession

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Muhammad Ejaz Khan


A paper submitted to the Faculty of the National Institute of Management, Peshawar, in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the 6th Mid Carrier Management Course.

The content of this paper are the end product of my own research and reflect my own personal views and are not necessarily endorsed by the Institute.



Paper Supervised by:

Mr. Muhammad Tayyab (ADS)



The topic assigned to me by the National Institute of Management Peshawar sounded quite vast and extremely difficult to cover up within the limits prescribed for the Research Paper. However, once set out to work on it, it carried a lot of interest for the intelligentsia because of the wide ranging political, social and economic implications of the issue of economic recession facing the contemporary world.

In this respect, I am extremely grateful to the Faculty and Administration at the NIM Peshawar for they have extended all types of facilitation from library containing books and collection of newspapers' clippings on the issue, plus the I.T

assistance for extended hours. The facilities provided by the NIM at the campus were of great help in finalizing this paper.

I am extremely grateful to the Advisor for this Research Paper - Mr. Muhammad Tayyeb (ADS)- who has been a source of guidance all along. I am also grateful to the valuable guidance provided to me by Dr. Faizan ur Rehman, D.S NIM, in finalizing this Research Paper. Guidance provided by Ms. Ayesha Ahsan, participant 6th MCMC, has contributed towards finalizing the Research Paper. The staff at the I.T. Lab was immensely helpful in providing timely and effective I.T. assistance. I would appreciate cooperation of all of them. Otherwise, the work on this extensive topic...