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Sample Test - EC 1. Banks use __________, which are electronic transmissions of account information over private communications networks.

a. WANs b. EFTs c. EDIs d. VANs 2. __________ occurs when one business transmits computer-readable data in a standard format to another business.

a. VAN b. EFT c. EDI d. WAN 3. In examining a commerce transaction from the buyer's viewpoint, the buyer begins by a. selecting a vendor.

b. searching for a product.

c. identifying a need.

d. negotiating a purchase.

4. ___________ are the activities in which businesses engage as they conduct commerce.

a. Business processes b. Nesting c. Clustering d. Management 5. A good definition of electronic commerce would mention the use of __________ to implement or enhance a business process.

a. the Internet b. business processes c. electronic data transmission d. none of the above 6. In examining the value chain of an industry, electronic commerce can play a role in a.

reducing costs.

b. improving product quality.

c. reaching new suppliers.

d. all of the above.

7. Tracert and related programs allow you to trace the round trip path between a user's Internet-connected computer and another computer on the Internet.

a. true b. false 8. Telnet exposes you to the commands and programs of the remote host.

a. true b. false 9. Telnet is the fastest way to deliver digital business information from one computer to another.

a. true b. false 10. HTML code defines the structure and formatting of a Web page, but a page may look different in two different browsers.

a. true b. false 11. URL stands for __________.

12. SMTP is short for __________.

13. An HTML document contains both document content and __________.

14. Computers that are connected to the Internet and that contain files that their owners have made publicly available through their Internet connections are called __________.

15. The term __________ is a popular description of a client's relatively low workload, compared with that of the server.