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Essay by jdolder October 2014

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Jeremy Dolder

EXSC 261-A

Final Essay

Due: May 9, 2014

This paper intends to discuss the three most encompassing themes for sustainability of today's world from the consumer, community, and global health topics that we covered throughout the semester. The most important themes are community organization/ building and health promotion, nutrition and global health, and the epidemiology: prevention and control of diseases and health conditions.

Community organization/ building and health promotion is extremely important because without it, there would be no help around the world and within our very own communities. Community building helps with identification of problems and development of strategies to solve the problems. Organizing people to work for a common cause is difficult and requires many leaders. Nutrition and global health is a critical aspect because "nutritional status is intimately linked with health status" (Bartlett). Lastly, the epidemiology: prevention and control of diseases and health conditions is the key to our survival rate and ability to live through and without illness.

Combining community building, which allows people to organize together to fight for a common problem or goal, and the use of health promotion creates a well-executed plans for improving the health conditions of those in need. The use of community organization can accomplish many objectives. If you use voluntary effort, you are guaranteed that those working are interested and very involved in the cause. Whether those working are voluntary or not, with well-organized community building, the goals that you are trying to reach will be easily accomplished. Communities are strong groups of people. Using communities to promote health can be extremely beneficial and effective and this is why it is one of the most important aspects of consumer, community and global health. Community organization and health promotion is critical to the sustainability of our...