Global Thematic essay on Geography and Society

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Humans have changed the world ever since we have used our brains for more than the normal mammal behavior of other animals. Changes like these have been very significant because we have basically controlled the world and changed it to fit our needs for living and development. Not only have these modifications affected the world, but they have turned around and changed the human race as well. Two major examples of this in global history is the Chernobyl Meltdown and the Great Wall of China. These changes have greatly impacted the lives of those around it as well as the whole entire world. The problems and solutions that spawn off of these innovations and disasters will forever affect the world.

The first major change, the Chernobyl nuclear plant, had been built by the USSR in 1983, near the small city of Pripayt. It was built to supply 4000 megawatts to surrounding regions and cities such as Narowlya, Vystupovychi, and Chernobyl.

The idea of nuclear power at that time was cheap and cleaner than other methods, but certainly more dangerous because nuclear fission can become highly unstable. When working, the power plant had a very positive effect on the area, but in 1986 when a lack of security, safety, and stability cause a meltdown, the innovative idea of nuclear power went down the drain as the disastrous side became apparent. Everybody within a 30 kilometer radius of the explosion had to be evacuated because of raising radioactivity levels that even became lethal. When the core exploded it through radioactive materials and created a fire that almost got to another one of the reactors. The final outcome was disastrous. About 30 people died when directly exposed to the unknown radiation. These people were mainly firefighters who arrived to put out the...