Global trade note 1750-1914

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"Third world": A term usually used to describe underdeveloped nations such as ones in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These nations are underdeveloped in comparison to America and Europe.

Pale of Settlement: Term used to describe when one group is confined to a certain area.

"new imperialism": The seizure of Africa and Asia through the use of colonies rather by European nations.

Traditionalist response to imperialism: People believed for a country to be strong it had to have colonies. Henrich vone Treitschke said " All great nations in their fullness of their strength have desired to set their mark upon barbarian land s ad those who fail to participate in this great rivalry will play a pitiable role in time to come."

Modernist response to imperialism: J.A. Hobson send the rush to acquire colonies was due to economic needs of unregulated capitalism and imperialism did not really pay of.

Social Darwinism: Brutal competition among races in which white Europeans had to seize colonies to show they were strong and virile and conquest of inferior people was just.

Racism: The belief one is superior based on the color of their skin.

"the white man's burden": Poem written by British writer Rudyard Kipling which gave rational for imperialism as a "civilizing mission.

"swallows" from Italy: farmers who harvest wheat in Italy then "flew" to Argentina to harvest wheat between December and April and returned to Italy for Spring planting.

Ottoman "Tanzimat reforms" reforms to the Ottoman empire which were equality of religion before law and business, security of life and property, and a modernized administration and military.

General Evelyn Baring: Ruled Egypt after 1833 his use of military fore political dominance and self justifying ideology of beneficial reform would become a model for all other imperialist nations.

Manchu Dynasty: Controlled tea...