Global Warming

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GLOBAL WARMING Global warming is an ever increasing problem. Through our careless pollution of the Earth's atmosphere, disruptions are apparent world wide. This essay will focus on what effects global warming will have on the UK in the not too distant future. Will the effects be good, or will the effects be bad ?, and are we to blame ? The world's top climate scientists now agree that our climate is changing and probably for the worst. Worse for people and worse for business. More frequent storms, floods, hurricanes, hotter/drier summers and wetter winters are predicted as a result of climate change. What's more many of these top scientists say human activities, such as burning coal, oil and gas in power stations to guarantee our electricity are partly to blame.

Pollutants in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and other gasses such as methane, act like a glass greenhouse surrounding the planet, thus creating a greenhouse effect.

This allows short-wave radiation emitted from the sun to pass through to the earth, but some of the longer-wavelength radiation normally emitted from the atmosphere, is in fact being trapped within it, thus leading to the problem referred to as global warming.

Climate change has potential risks for the UK. It is estimated that by 2050 the average temperature will have increased by at least 1.5°C.these higher temperatures, would reduce the water holding capacity of soils, which in turn would have a major effect on the types of crops, trees or other vegetation that our soils can support. Many native species and communities would be adversely affected and may eventually be lost to the UK. It is also likely that there would be an increased invasion and spread of alien weeds, pests, disease and illness, some of which...