Global Warming

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Global Warming The climate of the earth, has always been, on a universal scale, relatively stable. We, the humans, on the other hand, have not.

In prehistoric times people moved around with the food, the food moved around with its vegetation and the vegetation moved wherever the climate would let it, thus it can be said that the climate controlled the people. Their religion, moral, economy and virtually every conceivable part of their lives.

As time progressed, people did also( although some would say the opposite) With the invention of the fireplace and similar ideas, people could stay in their own privately heated rooms instead of stay in a big room or hall to eat. Therefore for the first time, man significantly overcame a small portion of the situations climate brings.

With the invention of the steam engine, people needed more fuel to burn, wood was running out in England so the use of coal was discovered.

One thing, when fuel is burned it obviously gets hot, this must have a small, even unmeasurable effect on the temperature of the earth. If you have an incredible amount of fuel being burned then the change in temperature is definitely measurable, but not enough to change the climate. Unless of course you burn an ever increasing amount of fuel every day for over 100 years. Then we have the same effect as the large amount of fuel has on the temperature, the large amount of temperature change has a measurable effect on the climate.

In conclusion, for the first time in human history, the climate does not affect the human race as much as we affect the climate. Great triumph......or complete failure? Only time can tell.