Global Warming

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Today, global warming has become the largest environmental issue on the planet. It will affect the continent of North America, as well as the entire world. It is a complicated and integrated phenomenon that combines the Earth and it's atmosphere. Global warming can be defined as the increase in average temperature on the planet earth. This increase in temperature is caused from the build up of harmful gases such as C02, as well as methane and others. These gases come naturally, but the consistent flow into the planet's atmosphere is caused by humans. The major build of up harmful gases occurs heavily at the Polar Regions (i.e. North and South Poles). This build up of gases is said to change the Earth's temperature patterns as well as the various other things involved with climate (example precipitation etc). The Earth's temperature is said to increase. This is a slow process however and will take years to show a significant change.

The influence of global warming and its heat increase worldwide will affect the precipitation of the Earth. The increase in temperature will cause the polar ice caps to melt and therefore put more water vapour in the air. This added vapour would cause increased precipitation along the coastal cities as well as areas that are prone to inclement weather. However, places that are normally dry such as the American Mid-West will become even dryer as the heat from the sun's rays will evaporate water faster in that region. The resulting effect causes a drought like state for the area. Areas that are subject to storms and harsh weather will see a change in patterns for the particular systems. The added moisture will bring greater storms and systems to the regions that usually are affected. Places such as Florida...