Global Warming

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An Inconvenient Truth maybe the scariest movies out this summer and the villain isn't Freddy or Jason, its Global Warming. The movie stars former United States Vice President Al Gore and is a documentary based mostly on the multimedia presentations that were developed over years by him as educational tool on global warming. This movie is a solution factor in the suppression of Global Warming.

The source of energy for Earth is the Sun's rays. The rays hit the Earth and are absorbed by the Earth's surface, but a few actually reflect off the Earth as the form of light. The Moon is a model of this effect when it shines brightly, caused by the reflection of the Sun's rays. Energy leaves the Earth in other forms as well such as heat which is called infrared light. The Earth needs to absorb and reflect balanced amount of energy in order to have an inhabitable temperature.

If too much energy leaves the earth, there is a possibility of another ice age but if too much energy stays that's Global Warming.

The root cause of energy staying back on Earth is due to the atmosphere composition. A compound that plays a major role in causing this greenhouse effect is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one part carbon and two part oxygen and burning wood or gasoline in cars can cause release of this compound. The jumble of carbon dioxide and the atmosphere retains the infrared light as the carbon dioxide absorbs it emitted from the earth and prevents it from going out into space. That's why carbon dioxide is known as a greenhouse gas. In addition there are other greenhouse gases as well, including methane, nitrous oxide and tetrafluoromethane. Carbon dioxide though is responsible for almost half of our...