Global warming

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Initiative Climate Change President Bush's proposal for the initiative climate change would clean up the environment, as well as, give incentives for companies to change there ways as well. The Skies Legislation would cut pollution from some of the most significant sources; power plants, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and mercury. Bush also plans to cut greenhouse gas intensity by 20% in the next ten years; calling this proposal the Twenty In Ten. Not only does Bush plan on electronically improving the system, but the government will step in and tell utility companies when and how much pollution they need to cut, along with a deadline. Along with telling utility companies when and how much pollution to cut out, Bush would like to put more money into programs that will help improve the environment. Bush believes his proposals would keep energy costs affordable for consumers, rewards innovation to companies, guarantees results, and would cost the government less money because the businesses are putting in there share.

In order to reach his goals, he wants to place a standard for alternative fuels and broaden its sources, such as, biodiesel, hydrogen, ethanol, and methanol are to name a few. Bush believes that by using alternative fuels we will have energy security. It would not only allow businesses to have incentives, but other countries would benefit from the trade and there would be many other options for fuel; this would leave the United States less vulnerable to terrorists. Another plan that Bush has is to fight against traffic congestion, considering it wastes billions of gallons of fuel. Bush's plan not only will begin the fight against global warming, but it will also improve the health of humans, plants and animals, it will improve the overall quality of life for future generations, and help preserve...