Global Warming

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Many people question themselves on one simple question yet full of information that not everyone pays attention to, what is global warming? Many have the concept that global warming is just the planet getting warm within the year and something happening to the ozone layer, right but mostly wrong concept. That's where the confusion and lack of information begins. Our planet Earth has some gases called carbon dioxide and many other that makes the atmosphere (the layer where we live) habitable. What's going on is that the atmosphere is getting more than the right amount of these gasses. We are burning a lot of gas, coal, oil and this is helping the amount of carbon dioxide to increase. Not only that; thinking and living according to the 21st century standards of building more cities and developing these amazing architectures we are killing a lot trees that were helping us in saving or reduced the damage to our own planet.

There are many ways we can help our planet to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is being generating in the air. As humans we need to take into account that in our hands is the key to help our planet and realize that we can protect it.

Global Warming is a raise in average global temperature. It is part of natural heating and cooling global cycles which takes place over thousands of years and cause rises and falls of sea level and encroachment and retreat of glaciers and the ice caps. These temperature variations are dominantly driven by energy from the sun with distance from the sun and the sun's current energy output being the main contributors, and the angle of the earth to the sun being next in importance. This is the energy basis for the changes in...