Global Warming

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Are humans causing this to happen?I am about to tell you about global warming. The three main points are the different ways that effect global warming, the environmental issues that are happening, and many ways of preventing it.

What causes global warming?Many things cause global warming. One of them is electrical pollution. The most recent one is fossil fuel that are being burned to create electricity. Some examples of fossil fuels are oil and petroleum. A few of the chemicals are used to be called greenhouse gases. Creating the electricity you use to do these things causes pollution such as turning on a light, watching tv, and even playing on the computer. That turns out to be alot of pollutants going into the air a day. imagine everyone in the world doing that and it's even happening now! The less electricity used the better. Another thing is that the garbage thrown away are being sometimes burnt and send plenty of greenhouse gases in the the air and into the atmosphere too.

If you even walk right past a expressway you would know it stinks. People have bee cutting down trees, plants, and even algea for house material and furniture. the plants , the trees, and the plants all help to collect carbon dioxide every single day to help with clean our air. Now with less of those plants more carbon dixoide come out than in.

What is global warming doing to the environment?Global warming is doing many things to people, animals, and even those plants. Seems that it is damaging huge forests and the fire would wipe out the entire forests. This happens because global warming makes the earth hot!!! Making the sea level rise and even cover low lands if it continues. Dangering the...