Global Warming

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As the Earth's climate continues to change, it is important to analyze and understand the driving forces behind the temperatures of the globe that seems to baffle politicians and scientists alike. While both sides can make valid arguments, one fact is for sure; the earth has been warming for thousands of years. The predicated consequences of global warming consist of political and scientific arguments made on the true catalyst of what global warming entails.

The case study written by Newton, Dillingham, and Choly discusses the many different stakeholders that are involved with the affects of global warming and what is considered to be theory and fact, and how the "green house" affect will have a major impact on our future (2006). The case study goes on to discuss that Earth in its entirety is affected by this global warming. Not only are the oceans affected, but so are our politicians, scientists, average citizens, and animals of mother Earth (Newton, Dillingham, and Choly, 2006).

Manmade v. Natural PhenomenonIt is plausible that humans continue to have an impact on the warming of the climate from excessive amounts of fossil-fuel emissions of carbon dioxide or CO2 that has been depleting the ozone since the beginning of the industrial revolution. This human impact is now 35% higher than it was 200 years ago (Singer, 2008). In Dr. Fred Singer's article, Global Warming: Man-made or Natural, he debunks the theory of there ever being a consensus about global warming. Dr. Singer goes on to say, "Many climate scientists are raising serious questions as to the political rush to judgment on this issue. The so called scientific consensus of 2500 scientist is a false impression and the so called scientists lack the proper credentials and have no scientific qualifications to report on any environmental issues".