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Global Warming 1Important Facts about the increasing problem of Global WarmingSandra PerezAxia Collage University of PhoenixGlobal Warming 2Global Warming is a change temperature of the Earth. This is a problem that is an original process of Mother Nature; however, has been altered or speeds with the help of human behavior. The consequences of this problem have already been seen and will continue to intensify if something does not get done to slow it down or stop this process. If we do not take this serious, the result will be the extinction of humankind and the destruction of our planet Earth. There are many options were everyone can get involved to help the cause and make a difference with this problem. While many people ignore everything about causes and consequences of Global Warming; Global Warming should be everyone's concern.

First of all, we will have to start with, what is the definition of Global Warming? "Global Warming begins with sunlight.

When light from the Sun reaches the Earth, roughly 30 percent of it is reflected back into space by clouds, atmospheric particles, reflective ground surfaces, and even ocean surface. The remaining 70 percent of the light is absorbed by the land, air, and oceans, heating our planet's surface and atmosphere and making life on Earth possible. Solar energy does not stay bound up in Earth's environment forever. Instead, as the rocks, the air, and the sea warm, they emit thermal radiation, or infrared heat. Much of this thermal radiation travels directly out to space, allowing Earth to cool." (Riebeek, H, 2007 pp1) This is more commonly known and recognize by everyone as the increase of temperature in the atmosphere of Earth.

Global Warming 3This is something that has been present and part of the Earth. However, as mentioned by...