Global Warming

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Global WarmingAccording to a website,, global warming is defined as, "The gradual increase in global temperature caused by the emission of gases that trap the sun's heat in the Earth's atmosphere. Global warming is a very big issue in the world today because everyone is worried about the temperature going hot and causing bad things. The humans cause the global warming as we all have been using things, which are not environment friendly and causing things like the OZONE LAYER to get thinner, and pores being created due pesticide, insecticide and CO2 emissions. In global warming, the Earth's average temperature has increased from the past. The temperature has been expected to rise by 3-9 degrees Celsius in the USA. What causes global warming? Carbon dioxide and some other gases that are polluting the air cause well global warming. Also thickening blanket is bad because it traps the sun's heat and it causes the planet to warm up.

Nowadays technology is helping us prevent global warming happening like making cars that are environment friendly. For example, do not pollute as much and do not have much carbon in them or are electric cars. In this essay, I will talk about in what ways global warming is affecting us and how can we prevent this happening to us.

There are many causes of the global warming. The main causes are deforestation, carbon emissions from various different things; another cause is methane emissions, tundra's, and permafrost. In addition, other things affect the climate change and the global warming that is a common term nowadays, human activities such as eating beef causes methane, because camels eat grasses and we eat their meat, when camels eat meat they cause methane gas emissions. We also have to avoid using our cars for short distances,