Global Warming

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Global warming is a big environmental and economic problem aside from pollution that we are facing in the twenty first century. So what is global warming? Global warming is the increasing in the earth's overall temperature from burning fossil fuels and industrial development caused by human. It is caused by the release of carbon dioxide, also referred to as the greenhouse effect. When the sunlight released from the sun through the space and enters into the Earth's atmosphere, it hits the surface of the Earth, land. Then it changed into heat energy and become infrared light. The heat is then absorbed by the air and land and they eventually become warmer. However, the infrared lights which returned into the atmosphere are trapped by the CO2. As a result, the gas absorbs the light and returns back to the surface of the earth and make it even warmer.

Although this is how the Earth keeps the environment warm enough for organism to live on. But the problem is that we, the humans are speeding up this process even more. According to the video An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore presents some statistics which show the emissions of CO2 has been increasing due to the increase in technology that we have developed. In the United States, cars, airplanes, large factories and manufacturing plants are burning fossil fuels everyday, these have caused a very large and serious problem to our environment. This affects the entire ecosystems and the environmental change has also affects our living. Because of this, global warming will heat up the world in a fast rate as a result of releasing a lot of carbon dioxide and the earth will end up in extinction.

Deforestation is the act of cutting down...