Global Warming

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"386,000 square miles of sea ice an area bigger than Texas and Arizona combined that have been lost in the past 30 years because of the changes in the Earth's climate from human influences, according to a study by the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences." (Metro, 2). This is an entire article on global warming. Just by looking at it in a newspaper you can tell several things wrong with it. First, it covers a small corner that consists of about one twentieth of the entire page. How can it be that such an important fact which deals with the fate of our entire planet, be disregarded so easily? I have seen articles on celebrities covering more than a page. This is considered less important than celebrity news? Another problem with this article is that it doesn't give background information on the problem of global warming. Without background information how is the reader able to understand how this occurrence associates with anything, especially the problem of global warming? In order to understand what this article is talking about, people need to first know what is global warming.

Global warming refers to the rising temperature of our planet. This rise in temperature is attributed to a process called the greenhouse effect. A greenhouse is a house made of glass where people grow plants. This glass house works in a very interesting way. The window glass allows the long heat wavelengths, to enter the house, but then as the wavelengths bounce off the ground they become shorter and zigzag. These wavelengths cannot penetrate the glass and escape from the greenhouse. This therefore causes the entire house to increase in temperature because while no heat is escaping, more and more is entering. In order to then decrease the temperature, heat wavelengths...