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No More Snow? Neil Brochu The biggest topic of discussion on my mind this year is, "Where is all the snow?". All the weather that we have had this winter has either been rain, or a light snow that slowly drifts down from the sky and accumulates very little on the ground. All of these winter days have had a kind of climatic twist to them. Where the temperature is a lot warmer than it should be. Just today the weather was around 40-45 degrees. All of these climatic differences which are very different from last year are due to Global warming. Global warming is effecting the earth tremendously, it is becoming one of our biggest problems today.

Global warming started when the industrial revolution came along. For all of the big machines and the factories, used a lot of power, but also made lots of smoke which was sent into the sky.

Now today we still do things, and have things which cause global warming like T.V.s, cars, microwaves, and stereos. All of these contribute to global warming, by sending either carbon dioxide or fossil fuels into the atmosphere. Our big problem is that when the ice melts in the arctic it releases methane gas which gets stuck in the ozone, which makes the temperature even more hotter than it was before.

There is a way to slow down and stop the global warming process which is to conserve energy, don't leave lights on, don't watch too much T.V., and only use your air conditioner on really hot days. You should also conserve the use of your car, like car pool and ride a bike more often, like I do. If every once in a while you plant a tree, your doing mankind and the Earth a favor...