The Global Warming Epidemic

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Global Warming has been a very alarming topic in the past few years. We have learned that if we do not make changes in how careless we are with the emission of greenhouse gases; our planet can warm and bring destruction to the life we live. Even a slight temperature change due to Global warming can affect us and the earth with such things as polar ice caps melting causing global flooding. If the temperature were to still increase it could cause drastic affects to the earth and the earth's population.

The idea of global warming was theoretical in the early decades of discovery, but recently new studies have proven that global warming is indeed happening due to our carelessness or a natural cycle of the planet. A study done by the U.N. sponsored Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change shows that the average temperature around the world has increased by one degree Fahrenheit. Visual evidence is clear when scientists study the recession of glaciers, dying of coral reefs, and increase in droughts worldwide. By 2100 the IPCC says that the earth's average temperatures will increase between 2.5 F and 10.4 F, more than 50% higher than predictions made half a decade ago. An increase in 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit may sound trivial, but looking at our previous ice age it only took an increase of 9 degrees Fahrenheit to terminate it. The threat of "Tipping Out", or increases in decimal points would cause climate disarray, after a moderate temperature change gives a plausible theory that could cause others to change their current habits. The fact is that in short time there is not much that can be done to halt global warming and its effects. If action is taken today to keep the climate from reaching an unstable tipping point...