Global Warming: Good or Bad?

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According to scientists, global warming in the Artic is happening now. The reports conclude that that the ice is getting thinner every winter, and at this rate it will lead to serious consequences for the planet. The more ice that melts each year could have a big impact on wildlife, especially for the animals that are adapted to the cold environment. Species such as the polar bear, as well as thousands of others, may become endangered. As most scientist predicted, the greatest temperature changes occur during the winter months. If ice caps of the Artic are gradually decreasing due to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, then the Artic regions would carry more heat than usual during the summer, and it would be difficult for ice to form in the fall. With global warming heating the Artic at a rapid pace, the next decades could result in a damaging rise in sea levels across the globe.

This comes at a time of growing concerns about the effects of global warming, which scientists generally agree is increasingly caused by rising carbon-dioxide levels in the atmosphere, primarily caused by human industrial activity. The only hope to stop global warming is if humans limit their use of resources.

The greenhouse effect provides the inhabitants of this planet with a comfortable environment by aiding in heating the Earth's surface and atmosphere. It is a key element to life on Earth, without it the Earth would be far too cold for most life to continue living. Scientists have been trying to generate power with low emissions of greenhouse gases and conventional pollutants. Ultimately, this effect would decrease the chances of global warming in the future. Because the cost of electricity has risen in the past years, scientists hope to change the electricity sectors...