Global Warming Persuasive Essay

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Global Warming

All arguments have two sides to them. The global warming issue is not an exception to that general rule. I believe that global warming is partly natural process, but our industrial activities have majorly influenced the climate changes. These changes are causing extinction in some animals like the polar bears and the melting of the Arctic that causes sea levels to rise. Global warming would also cause extreme weather like hurricane Katrina and more frequent and harsher droughts. The warming of the Earth would also bring more disease caring insects to migrate north: bringing plague and disease with them. The extreme weather causes millions of dollars in damage and the diseases cost money to treat and control.

The changes in Earth's temperature would cause the Arctic to melt and many of the Arctic animals to become extinct. "According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, if all glaciers melted today the seas would rise about 230 feet" (5 deadliest effects of global warming).

The melting of the polar caps will desalinize the ocean; messing up the ocean currents, killing numerous species of salt water fish (dying painfully from absorbing too much water and exploding like a sponge), and irregularly cool down areas like New England, America and countries like Spain and France in Western Europe. There would also be no land for the Arctic animals like penguins or seals to live, reproduce, or take care of their young on. Again, there would also be more heat to warm the Earth, if the Arctic caps melted since the North Pole is covered in white snow. The white snow normally reflects the sun's rays away from the Earth, essentially cooling the Earth. When the Arctic melts, the rays will then be absorbed into...