Global warming is real

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Is global warming real?Environmental issues are rapidly growing problems in our world. In order to prevent these problems from increasing lots of information need to be provided and awareness must be raised, most especially on issues such as global warming. Global warming is real. Some governments and people shut their eyes about it and ignore the facts, but we can see it happening everywhere around us. This is made visible by the dramatic climate changes all around the world. Almost not a day passes when we hear about rivers flooding, earthquakes devastations, hurricanes, draughts or melting of glaciers that keep the Earth cool. I believe that the people and their activities have caused that to happen.

The weather is getting warmer than ever. There is a myth that this is due to the Earth's natural cycle which a human cannot stop. This saying is backed up by the fact that the Arctic has warmed up in the past as well.

There is proof that the worlds climate changes naturally, but the global warming that we are facing today is not natural and has been accelerated by people's intervention and can be only stopped by human. The previous Arctic warming also did not affect as many areas as the current warm temperatures do. The main source of people causing global warming is the burning of the fossil fuels, e.g. coal, oil and natural gas, also forest cutting. It has been proven by scientists that these activities release far more CO2 in the atmosphere than was released thousands of years ago. In 1985 it has been announced that CO2 and greenhouse gases warm the earth by trapping the heat. Scientists have measured that the natural amount of CO2 is about 180-300 parts per million. Today we are producing 380 parts per...