Global warming: Solution

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ProblemGlobal Warming is a serious epidemic affecting the earth due to the main carelessness of its inhabitants. Even a slight temperature change due to Global warming can affect us and the earth with such things as polar ice caps melting causing global flooding. If the temperature were to still increase, it could cause drastic affects to the earth and the earth's population. An article named "Life in the greenhouse" cites many facts and data that are occurring due to Global warming. Studies that have proved Global warming is affecting the earth are fairly new although the idea that the planet has been increasing in temperature has been theoretical for the past few decades. Global warming is defined as an increase in the world's temperatures, believed to be caused in part by the greenhouse effect and depletion of the ozone layer. The general idea is that global warming will be slow and the world will find time to discover the solutions to it.

Facts prove otherwise, and that global warming is an ever-increasing risk to the human race. Why cannot we as humans face the fact and actually stop polluting, even though we are posed with the constant threat of melting poles, increasing sea levels, massive storms, and a drastic change in temperatures.

Melting SnowWarming climate is already affecting our economy. In Mammoth Mountain, the slight weather change is drastically affecting the 4.5 million dollar industry. The heat and humidity is forcing them to produce much more synthetic snow that is already coasting them 20 percent of their operation coast.

Higher SeasHigher seas are one of the most certain consequences of global warming. Due to the change in heat and polar ice capes melting the ocean water level increases which causes many problems like flooding. Over the twentieth century, the...