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In 1950, the matter was entirely peripheral, existing only in the minds of science fiction writers and a few unheralded scientists. In 1990 it was still, to most, utterly implausible. By 2001 a handful of plucky voices were expressing the opinion that it somehow COULD be possible. Then, almost overnight, other voices clamoured to suggest it wasn't just possible, but highly probable. Today, it seems, we are resigning to the fact that the inconvenient truth is in fact true. Climate change is right upon our doorstep, staring into us like some giant awakening from his slumber, unable to contain his anger any longer, offended by the constant prodding and poking to his side.

We occupy the driest inhabited continent with a highly variable climate and great susceptibility to weather change. Predictions of fiercer droughts and more frequent storms invade our media and perhaps our consciousness. The future will be the disappearance of Australian wildlife due to the increasing temperatures affecting their environments.

The warmer waters may cause the death of the Great Barrier Reef, placing thousands of species of plants and animals in danger. The outlook of Australia's future is bleak. The most worrying environmental threat of our time is unfolding.

Yes we've all heard about it, and I'm sure, politely listened to all the things they say about global warming and so on. But have we taken it seriously enough? Yes, we all have other 'more important' things to worry about. But we must realise that the threat of climate change is no less than the threat of losing your job, or the threat of a car collision.

The economic costs of climate change, for starters, will kill us - loss of tourism, loss of jobs, loss of fish, farmers battling and food prices through the roof. Climate...