"Global Warming: Time To Act": A persuasive paper on why people should stop global warming

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Global warming affects the world the same way termites affect a house. Termites surround a family in the foundation of a house but go unseen and unheard right up until the point the house comes crashing down. The only way to stop something like global warming (or termites), is to prevent it before it gets too serious. Global warming is caused by the man-made production of greenhouse gases. Global warming is a very real and serious threat to the entire world that should be stopped.

Many disclaimers of global warming fall back on the argument that there is no prevalent proof of the climate change. This is an easily-refuted standpoint. As early as 1957, scientists in the global research program called the International Geophysical Year found proof that carbon dioxide concentrations were increasing. Records show that the ten warmest years of the century all occurred after 1980, and the three hottest years occurred after 1990, with 1998 being the warmest year of all (Hart).

It is obvious that the end of the century was warmer than the beginning. But who really knows if global warming is directly affected by human greenhouse gases? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (founded in 1988 by the United Nations), agrees that warming has been primarily caused by human activities. Not only is global warming real, it is also caused by humankind. It is necessary that people believe in global warming so that people can start changing to prevent global warming.

People that are uneducated about the facts of global warming may not think that it is a serious threat or that it will affect them. People of this nature should know the effects of global warming on the earth are negative. These effects are occurring right now and will inevitably get worse, that is,