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"The Bush administration will soon announce a climate policy that is expected to rely on the development of new technologies to reduce greenhouse emissions, a concept strongly supported by the GCC." - A news article that was published by the Global Climate Coalition (GCC) took my eye when searching for a research topic. Yes, I believe that we should have certain set of rules to protect our environment. We have to co-exist with nature or else it'll see our extinction is nearing.

"Global Warming" is a highly discussed topic. It's important is immense. With the rapid advancement of science the attention given towards the environment has been negligible. This has brought about sudden changes in climate, sea water and even melting of glaciers. I believe that every action has its own reaction; it might take time but definitely it will happen. My viewpoint regarding global warming has been to find some of the key factors that are causing it and to find solutions and to discuss the difficulties we would face.

Since the day we started burning fuel we have put aside the importance of our environment. It has purely been an age of sciences. People were too busy finding new ways to make their life easy that they completely forgot the simplest things in life. "Live and let live" should be our motto. In my discussion I want to take one aspect that is to find out if a key factor is factories that is causing global warming. When we take up this side some believe that the factories are falsely accused but some believe that they are the cause. So it a debatable issue. Who should be blamed and why not.

I came across interesting article in magazines and news papers, out of which caught my...