Global Warming We need change to fix it.

Essay by Ericindtown@aol February 2004

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I think the statement: " The anticipated devastation due to global warming is so severe that all measures must be taken to reduce greenhouse gasses, no matter what the cost," is partly true yet false. First, I think that is it true because there is already devastation due to global warming and the anticipated devastation in the future is more severe than it already is. There were already 20,000 deaths last summer in Europe alone. Scientists from WHO (World Health Organization), anticipate that the climate change due to global warming and the greenhouse gas buildup could cause an estimated 300,000 deaths annually in the year 2030. All measures must be taken now, so that millions of people don't die from now to the year 2030. If 20,000 people died this past year in Europe due to heat and global warming, and if that number is estimated to increase to 300,000 in less than 30 years (considering the current production of greenhouse gasses remains consistent), that would result in close to a million deaths due to heat and global warming by 2030.

Also, if the current trend in the rise of temperatures remains consistent soon troubles will arise with the sea level due to large amounts of the polar icecaps melting away. Second, I think that the statement is false because of the statement "all measures must be taken to reduce greenhouse gasses." If that statement really means what it says, that would mean that to take "all measures" possible to reduce greenhouse gasses could mean that drastic and unrealistic measures would have to be taken. There are ways to reduce greenhouse gasses almost completely, but that would mean taking unrealistic actions such as shutting down all producers of greenhouse gases. Doing that would mean shutting down...