The Global Workplace

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Today's workplace is not just being run under one roof of one particular building, the business as a whole is going to be run by other businesses worldwide. This semi-new way of running business is called globalization which is the worldwide interdependence of resource flows, product markets, and business competition (Schermerhorn, 2005).

With this process in the workplace products and services are being acted upon in different parts of the world. The product itself may be designed in North America, but all of the components that make up that product may be manufactured in Asia and Europe. Then the final product may be put together as a whole back in North America. By having this process businesses can view themselves as being very close with the customer because they reach a worldwide economy and a lot of customers recognize the products they produce.

Some things that managers with these types of companies may want to consider is how their company will be set apart from another and how will they run this business.

They do have to consider a few things which may set them apart which are technology and diversity.

Technology plays a great role in the global workplace, with the Internet and the World Wide Web, it is so easy to communicate to someone that works for the company or affiliated without ever meeting face to face. With the latest technology today in the global workplace you can hold meetings, access common databases, share information and files, make plans, and solve problems together with just one touch of a keyboard (Schermerhorn, 2005). With all this technological advancement managers have to consider on who they hire, by how much computer literacy the future employee has gained through their past education and past jobs.

With diversity playing a great...