Globalisation-Relation with the World and the Shipping News

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The theoretical premise of Globalisation is the erosion of traditional boundaries and the formation of universal truths through the globalisation of communication. The theory behind global metanarratives is based upon the integration of the best in all societies to bring forth superior ways of life. However in practice it sees the domination of economically superior nations producing hegemony of Western ideas thereby eroding the traditional boundaries of locals. This idea of resisting and in a sense, retreating from the concepts provided by the global is clearly explored in Annie Proulx's 1993 novel "The Shipping News", paradoxically taking advantage and attacking the tools of globalisation.

Despite the benefits, resistance to global domination of economic and scientific gain and reference to our local values of family, nature and community is fundamental in order to establish meaningful relationships and achieving personal fulfilment in the global. The postmodern context of the late 20th Century has concerned itself with, as theorist Jean-François Lyotard postulates, 'incredulity towards metanarratives', valuing a 'post-metaphysical, post-industrial, pluralist, pragmatic and restless set of partially differentiated social constructs'.

The use of proactive verbs with an underlying negative tone, "All was progress and possession, all push and shove now" clearly articulates that Transnational Corporations have invaded local space, and that the global have created misery for the local environmentally degrading the land. Newfoundland has become a dumping ground for "tin cans, baby-food jars, and a supermarket meat tray"; the listing of global signatures reinforcing the waning of local culture. Furthermore, Tert Card's argument, that "there's big money in oil" despite Billy Pretty's claims that oil is "destroying fishing entirely" challenges the ethical behaviour of businesses in gaining profit via the exploitation of landscapes rather than the maintenance of local values and communities.

For this reason the desire to retain roots and...