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Globalization is a powerful and growing phenomenon, that no one can deny. It has a lot of meanings depending on which aspect you look at to define it. According to Dr. Huntington a professor of International Politics at Harvard and Chairman of Harvard's Institute for Strategic Planning, globalization is "the creation, storage and use of knowledge becomes the basic economic activity generating huge change" (qtd. in "The Man in the Baghdad Caf"). I agree with Dr. Huntington because knowledge is what makes one nation better than another. By applying globalization to technology, making innovations and upgrading your system, you get the strongest economic activity. James D. Wolfensohn, the President of the World Bank Group, gave a speech this year in Belgium. He said that the world was never ready as now to launch globalization. "Technology has never been more dynamic. Our goals have never been clearer. We must seize this moment".

("A New Compact to meet..."). I agree with Mr. Wolfensohn because globalization eventually will spread all over the world whether we like it or not. And that is also what Dr. B. Ghali, Egyptian Minister of Economy said "Globalization is a reality which we cannot ignore" (qtd. in Nasr). Thus, why don't we start it at the correct time when everything is at its peak? Some people do not agree and are trying to stop it by protesting against it. While others are trying to reinforce it and make it spread. But, what concerns me is the effect of globalization on Egypt.

People who protest against globalization are trying to delay it. They gather in great numbers during the annual meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund officials (IMF). They are very massive and effective because they use strategic locations. For example, in Prague the...