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Globalization, democracy and social justice

The article "Globalization, Democracy and Social Justice" was published in Dr. Ghazala Irfan's edition "Ethics, Values Society: Social Transformation" in Oxford University Press, Karachi (2006). This article was written by Professor Satya P Gautam, who was a chairperson in the school of social sciences for philosophy in Jawandarlal Nehru University. This article was one of the five best peer reviewed publications of Professor Satya. In this article professor Satya explains the views of the votaries and critics of globalization to inform everyone the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. Satya describes that the globalization is the term, which gives the futuristic image of the world. He says, supporters of globalization believe that, globalization will determine more opportunities and welfare to the whole mankind. On the other side he mentions, the opponents of globalization believe that globalization will result in the massive controversy.

Because the interaction of communities with the different cultures and believes will result in conflicts. Although the writer describes both the sides of globalization, but on reading this article completely, the reader comes to believe that globalization will result in the advancement of technology and improvements in standard of living of the whole mankind.

Globalization is the integration of economies, markets, industries and cultures all around the world. But is the globalization better for the whole mankind, or is it beneficial for only rich and worst of the poor? As globalization will convert the whole world into "global village", it will cause great revolution in the every field of life including technology. Apart from this, it may cause the uneven distribution of wealth. Additionally it may widen the differences between the rich and poor. Hence the supporters of "Globalization" consider only the positive aspects of this process while...