Globalization and how it effects The world.

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Jordan Lampe


Thesis: Globalization has allowed great development in virtually all countries and should

not solely be blamed for some countries improving more than others.

I. What is globalization?

II. When did globalization begin?

III. What has globalization done?

A. Positives

B. Negatives

IV. What should happen from here?


Globalization has become an almost household term in countries around the world in recent years. Globalization is not a new term by any means, but is now acquiring more emotive force than ever before. Opinions on the matter are varied and passionate. One dynamic debate is whether or not globalization is causing rich countries to get richer and poor countries to get poorer.

A person much first understand what globalization is. Some see it as a primarily economic phenomenon, involving the increasing interaction, or integration, or national economic systems through the growth in international trade, investment and capital flows.

Others point to a rapid increase in cross-border social, cultural and technological exchange. Sociologist Anthony Giddens defines globalization as a decoupling of space and time, emphasizing that with instantaneous communications, knowledge and culture can be shared around the world simultaneously. Dutch academic Ruud Lubbers says it is a process in which geographic distance becomes a factor of diminishing importance in the establishment and maintenance of cross border economic, political and socio-cultural relations. Left critics define globalization very differently, saying it is a worldwide drive toward a globalized economic system dominated by supranational corporate trade and banking institutions that are not accountable to democratic processes or national governments ("Globalisation Guide"). As anyone can see, globalization cannot be bound to one distinct definition.

Globalization is a process that is evolving. There is no point in time to which the start of globalization can be identified. There are many factors that...