Globalization and its effect on Market Dominant Minorities

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The Global Threat

Leona Chua, a Chinese business woman who had great entrepreneurial success in the Filipino capital of Manila, was exceedingly successful in the community. Most of her estate consisted of ethnic Filipino employees. She was an extremely wealthy Chinese woman in a meager Filipino city. It is understandable that many would be jealous of her accomplishments. She employed around 20 native Filipino servants, and due to the economic problems, that if they were not hired by her, would be living on the street.

In 1994, Leona Chua was found murdered in her Manila home with a "butcher knife" as the murder weapon. Her servants were questioned and it was discovered that Chua's chauffer, and 2 maids planned and executed the murder. The chauffer stole some of Chua's possessions and escaped. The maids were apprehended by the police. It was up to the state to press charges. No charges were ever filed.

The largely ethnic Filipino, mostly destitute, police force was unsympathetic to the woman's death, and apathetic towards the case. This is one of the many evils attributed to globalization.

Although this may sound outrageous, it is all too common. Hundreds of Chinese are kidnapped every year, usually linked to ransom or robbery. A Western journalist asked a Manila policeman why they are targeted, he politely answered, "Because they have more money." This is very true. Nearly every 2 out of 3 Filipinos earns less than 2 dollars a day.

These murders and kidnappings are not isolated, they happen in almost every third world country where "outsiders" have immigrated and begin to dominate the economy of the country. Like in Zimbabwe, where 1% of the population, white Europeans, control 70% of the economy. The president has sanctioned land reclamation to retrieve over 10 million acres of land in...