Globalization and its impact on the Public Sector

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Organizational Change within the Public Sector in the Age of Globalization


Organizational Change within the Public Sector in the Age of Globalization


Globalization can be seen as a new phase of internationalization of forcing companies and countries reciprocally depend on degrees in the past. Here you can have globalization as the third phase of the internationalization of markets, the first of these phases properly called internationalization, ranging from late nineteenth century to the First World War, in which no economic sovereignty and international exchange - and the second phase of Globalization, which runs from the end of World War II until about seventy years, time in which multinational companies begin to operate on a truly global basis (Peter, 2006).

With the globalization of the modern world, businesses and government entities are forced to confront their results beyond its borders, in the fields of production quality and public administration, being necessary to rethink traditional management schemes within organizations.

High competition forces that improve the quality of products and services and modernize the processes required must necessarily create a culture of modernity and innovation, on the staff of the entities in the public and private sector.

The goal of globalization is no longer penetration neighboring market, but world trade, and standardizing it is the best instrument to achieve new trade realities. Thus, this brings to light what is public administration, since it is closely linked to what is trade and market.


Administrators agree perceive the organizational environment as uncertain and turbulent of increasing complexity, and draw attention to the shape or style of thinking required to address more effectively the change phenomena. At present, the intensity and speed of global changes in the economic and social environment determines the need to know in...