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Globalization Considerations

Riordan has to consider the recent development and the impact and trends that Globalization has had on the organization. With a manufacturing plant in China, Riordan has had first hand experiences with the changes that have been taking place to the Public Relations environment throughout many countries, and as a result of many societal changes. Riordan understands that the impact of these changes vary from country to country and will have a varying impact in the Mexican and Central American region. Riordan has considered the continuing shift in employment from the manufacturing to more of a service oriented operation. Riordan has witnessed the decline of public sector employment and expects it to continue to decline in most countries including Mexico. Broader social developments in Mexico have also been witnessed with the increasing number of women in the labor force and their impact on the markets. Riordan has considered all of these changes in the Global market and have researched the impacts on Public Relations, and understands that they are likely to continue within the country of Mexico.


Crisis Management Plan

Riordan Manufacturing set up a crisis management team at its corporate headquarters in San Jose, California and is led by Johnny Wagner the CEO of Riordan. Matthew Budzisz the VP of marketing and Public Affairs has directed the teams actions on the implementation of the new Pyramid Bottle in Mexico and has coordinated the communication channels so that the organization can speak with one voice. First, Riordan's crisis team had to determine the problem. The crisis response plan has the following key points:

1. "Put public safety first. Asses the problem through the publics eyes. Be clear that their needs and concerns come first".

2. "Find it, Fix it. Work around the clock with regulatory...