Globalization: cultures, economies, technologies, societies come together as one.

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The word globalization is becoming now the most common word in different nations. When we talk about globalization, we think about becoming global in every aspect of life. Globalization is conceived like a fusion. Being global doesn’t mean being just one frame. Globalization also doesn’t mean a world just in black and white. Let’s think about a mosaic formed by colorful pebble stones, where each color represents one nation and the whole mosaic represents the whole world. This is globalization; cultures, economies, technologies, societies come together as one. Globalization has brought a lot of benefits to our world, and on the other hand, it has its own disadvantages. Globalization it is thought to be a progressive phenomenon of interdependence in various places of the world due to the concentration of cultural, technological, and information exchanges. Globalization has affected the economy conducting to the creation of a “global” economy, and is also affecting the sense of social sensibility.

I see globalization as a way of interchanging information and relations between nations, and also a way of increasing social responsibility between people. With the development of technology, many countries have found ways to intercommunicate and exchange information. Nowadays, the Internet has become a place where people can get in touch with other people all over the world, and also get the most breaking news. What is more, they can get informed in real time about what is going on the other side of the world. The Internet is bringing people together, accelerating the process of globalization. Moreover, people are now becoming more and more responsible, and with a growing sense of social sensibility, and this is an advantage brought by globalization. Let us remind the natural disasters and the violent events, like wars, which occur almost everyday in some part of the...