Globalization this essay is about what globalization is, what is our understanding of it and why is it so important in todays world.

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Global awareness

Global awareness is an understanding of issues of concern that are of relevance globally. It is awareness of what is currently happening around the world all over. Issues of famine, of war, of natural disasters, that affect or cause a chain of reactions to neighboring and distant countries. The understanding of the causes and the effects of these issues and how in turn they relate to an aspect of our lives. Therefore it is essential to understand the reasons behind these issues to counteract them or prepare for them as when they occur.

Global awareness is a very crucial characteristic that one requires in today's world. Being able to define cultural issues internationally with in the local realm is as important as being there itself. In today's world of technology and progress, with boundaries no longer separating continents one must adapt themselves to foreign mannerisms and traditions in order to constitute a mode of communication and understanding to better develop a relationship locally, nationally and internationally.

It is a very visible trend that is growing at a tremendous pace and to fall behind is to become obsolete. Taking a look at the university itself, one is able to see the variety of professors, teachers and staff that represent their own individual countries, traditions and cultures; it constitutes a whole new dimension that can be defined only as global. The situation is no longer one where a nation is completely isolated as to be unaffected or unaware of situations in foreign lands. Now with the new technology of media that has a varied network that is cross-cultural and global, it is inevitable that nations will interrelate with each other bringing new information and valuable resources to develop and progress further.

In my three years at Zayed University and the...