Globalization: The False Imagery.

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Globalization, as typically defined, can have several different definitions depending on who is defining the term. A multinational corporation would present globalization as a positive means for creating equality among different nations. However, this is definitely not always the case. Globalization can of globalization are large international corporations whose main goal is to make take on many different forms, several of which can be viewed as rather exploitive. The main supporters huge sums of money and to gain economic power anywhere they possibly can all over the world. So, globalization in the sense that we are looking at it is defined as, "The threat of an American/Western political and cultural hegemony, that threatens to create a homogenized world." For this reason, globalization can be viewed as economically, culturally, and as a domineering corporation, especially to those nations of less prestige and wealth. It is through globalization that the world is becoming a free-trade zone for the west and its capital controllers.

Thus, the purpose of this paper is to examine some of the different forms globalization can take, and the consequences of each form.

When globalization is viewed from an economic perspective, one thing immediately comes to mind; there is a greater and ever-increasing gap of inequality between the rich and the poor throughout the world. That is, today's world contains many wealthy and satisfied people, and then there are those that live in severe poverty and starvation, which accounts for almost one-fifth of the world. In developing countries such as Latin America, among others, there has been a movement towards the liberalization of trade and investment. As a result, these countries have experienced a significant increase in poverty due to the fact that their governments has put more of an emphasis on the exportation of goods rather than imports.