Globalization = Imperialism

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Globalization = Western Imperialism

Modern science and all the various process that are involved with the modernization process evolved because of the progress made by the western countries and the progress made in the field of science, medicine and the notions held in respect of human rights and liberty. There are several sections of individuals who state that dissatisfaction that people seem to have is that they are troubled with their daily life. But when analyzing we can realize that the actual dissatisfaction of individuals arises forms the modern life that they need and in comparison to that the others around the world lead. The term globalization is used to describe the various changes that have taken place in the social, economical and political scenarios that has brought about change in the current situation.

To explain, globalization is the termed used to describe the technique in which the various far away parts of the world have come into contact with the more developed parts of the world and also the obvious changes brought in it in the geographical locations.

It is this change that has even made it possible for us to think of the world as a single global space that is connected by a lot of forces like the technological, economic, social and cultural forces. It is this basic thought that is propagated by most of the bug theorists. Also Globalization has been referred to be the intensification of world wide social relations that help in linking the various far away parts of the world in such a way that the things that happen in the local market is affected by these changes (Robertson, 8). But now globalization is most often thought of as global westernization. Several sections of individuals agree to this concept, though people with an...