The Globalized World

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"The Globalised World"- Appreciation Task 4

By Shannon Brooks

Introduction: 104

Choreographer Gideon Obarzenek and Melbourne's contemporary company Chunky Move came together to create the contemporary piece "Hydra." The story line and choreography were based off of and inspired by an ancient Greek myth about water goddesses who lured sailors to their deaths at sea. Obarzenek has used four men to represent the sailors and four women as the sea goddesses. Both the movement and non-movement aspects of this performance are very important in the telling of the story. Obarzenek, as well as his clever choreography, has also used a number of sets and lighting to get the story line across to the audience properly.

Body: 800

This piece is clearly split into four different sections. Obarzenek has used multi-media and set design to show these very clearly. The first section finishes about two minutes and thirty seconds into the YouTube video. It is shown clearly that this particular scene is finished because of the change in lighting. Lighting is a very important factor in any performance or show. It can encourage and create specific emotions that can help to tell the story and improve the performance.

The lighting for the first section has been manipulated to the advantage of Obarzenek. Simple stage lights are used projecting out of the wings onto the stage. This is very different from normal performances, where the lights are usually placed above or in front of the performers to illuminate their faces. Obarzenek has cleverly used this lighting plan specifically so that the dancers do not look like performers on a stage, rather sailors and sea goddesses fighting at sea. These lights are also flickering slightly, giving the illusion of lightning and a storm. The different shading and shadows on the dancers create...