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Globalization is when businesses come to a decision to take part in increasing global economy in which it establishes themselves in foreign markets. The initial focus would be to adjust their products and services to the end user's in international markets. As globalization indicates a shift in direction of world-trading government, it also can be linked to compensation on independence, making countries fail of being completely independent. Therefore, issues of globalization and free trade are enclosed by a debate or controversy.

What's going on in the world affects job opportunities today. It is important to keep up with present news locally, nationally, and worldwide. For example, one may wonder why the price of oil in Saudia Arabia has to do with the U.S. job market. It' has significant affects on work opportunities. The economy compels the job market. When the economy slows down, there are smaller amount jobs. It wouldn't be surprising that a lot of people lost their jobs after September 11.

Over 8 million Americans were unemployed. It is why one must keep an eye on what's happening in the economy worldwide.

A shift in the job market happened this past year with the decrease in the stock market. Although the stock market took a hit downward, real estate markets (and jobs) increased dramatically. The reason behind it was investors who lost confidence in the stock market looked for other places to put their money. So it came down to low interest rates which made real estate an outstanding choice.

The international market increased because of the rapid advances in technology. The telephone, the fax, and the Internet have made it easier for people to talk around the world. Those advances made it possible for companies around the world to conduct business with one another.

The experts...