Glory and pain

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"A horrific accident has happened over night which involved four members of the Australian gymnastic team competing at the Beijing Olympic Games. It is still unclear what caused the fatal car crash that killed the occupants and left the fourth a paraplegic, it comes at a distressing time as the team were heading home with gold medals"

I blinked my eyes, signaling the nurse to switch off the TV. I reflected the past twenty four hours, we were all cheering and then the next minute we flew of the highway down onto another highway. It was truly unbelievable. First we were talking about the challenging competitors and the next thing I knew was the drunk driver hit the side barrier making us fall twenty meters. It was a horrific accident that I will still not be able to full recover from.

Twelve months have now past since the deadly car crash, non stop rehabilitation has been happening, the Shanghai hospital are pushing for me to be capable of travelling around in a wheelchair.

It has been hard and emotional, but it's all slowed down dramatically. I now live with my parents in a disabled nursing home back in Australia. Life is terribly hard. After all the drugs and decisions I was looking at the option of suicide. Joining the team up there was a choice that I could make, but would certainly be not backed up by fellow peers and family.

Everyday the pain just grew from tiny amounts to huge cramps and pains. The lower half of my body felt like bees constantly stinging, like I was some kind of predator attacking a hive. I was basically a couch potato. My life was now revolving around a computer and a television. I had only ever left the nursing...