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GLORY Film review by Sean Lagace Ethnic Studies The ultimate heroic legend that contributed more than just a live is without doubt, Colonel Robert of the Fearless 54th regiment. Throughout young Robert's life he guided his path through the eyes and dreams of his notable father, but this unexpexted young man did not expect such a duty as well as honor to the Americans whom he served. The 54th was previewed as blacks who could not stand up to the white mans war but in the end expressed what this so called white mans war was truly fought for. The determined black men who entered the 54th came to it with a smile expecting equality in warfare as well as wages, which neither was properly provided. Robert's emotions along with the love that he felt for the regiment soared him throughout the newspapers for his command of materials such as shoes and clothing, as well as honesty, respect, and bravery by putting his own life on the line so one day the states may become united as one.

Many of the black soldiers who were shown hatred and betrayal through out their lives doubted Robert's words of honesty and promise. It was until that day the shore lines of Fort Wagner where blacks and whites for the first time stood as one with each other to obtain that meaning of equality. That single word "equality" brought courage to the 54th that morning while their lives flashed before them while the most arousing gleam of light began to approach over the sea, each of those men in the 54th knew that this day is worth more than a single life. This day meant freedom will soon ring upon every mountainside. To Colonel Robert and the others who found themselves looking right...