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"Nestle in Hot Water over GMOs"

"Zhu Yanling, a mother in Shanghai was once a loyal consumer of brands of Nestle" (People's Daily 1) and used to feed her child with these over the last three years until she found out they were using ingredients derived from GMOs without any label on them. Most of the companies in Europe label their products now because of the scandal it created. She is planning on suing the company and they claimed that there are no GMOs which require labelling by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. It was found that in Europe, Nestle labels their GMOs but they do not do so in China. "Nestle is actually taking the advantage of the weak point of China's legal system" (People's Daily 2) and they also claim their food is safe. Yet, in Europe countries, they promised not to use GMOs, which is contradictory to what they said before.

Citizens have the right to choose if they wish to eat GMOs or not.

This article shows the labelling problems that have been occurring in the last years. As Suzuki and Zhu Yanling stated it, in Europe they label the GMOs now on the products. Here, it goes further than what Suzuki was saying as positions from people in other countries are shown. This woman was shocked, exactly like the people in Europe were back then. Suzuki had also discussed the companies' side as they only wanted to make profits and did not care about the society and here is the proof with their reply to the woman. The aspect on which people have the right to choose what they eat also reflects what the growers think as GMOs are taking over the industries.

"GMOs: Towards the End of the...