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King Mendoza

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Major & Career Project

Ms. Stewart

The major that I researched was Business Administration. I used the website to help me identify the classes and steps required to reach my goal of an MBA in Business Administration. The research that I did on my major help me to understand a little better of what I need to do to succeed in College. At first I was a little intimidated that I wasn't going to figure out what I was going to have to do to reach my goals.

The major I selected is a great major for me because my favorite and strongest subject is math. The classes needed to take to reach my goal seem pretty interesting and challenging. I like a challenge because if the classes are easy, it would be rather boring. A major part of Business Administration is economics; I took an intro course in High School that interested me very much and I enjoyed participating whenever I had the chance.

The most important thing required for my career is calculating; being good with numbers. Other things that you might need for my career is people skills, in order to work good in a team. Lastly, I believe that you need to be good at time management, and obviously be able to manage money.

The first thing I like about my career is being able to work with numbers all day. Numbers I something that comes easy to me and I enjoy doing it. Second, I always pictured myself working in an environment with other people, I'm a so called social butterfly, and I like to work with people. Lastly, I believe that the position I may take with my major may require me to be in suits all...