Gnostic Gospels: Chapter six

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Chapter six:

Pg119 By indicating that one finds God only through Jesus, the contemporary text implies that one only finds Jesus through the Church. I don't think that this statement is quite true. Whose church is the true church? This takes up back to Chapter one. Where Christianity divided. Some think that the resurrections of Christ was only symbolic(Gnostic) and there are those who think that the resurrection it happened physically(orthodox Christians). This part is important because it deciphers how you will worship.

Pg199 (Orthodox) The human mind can not find God with itself. I think that this is true because how can one so puny and tiny understand something so great ( Dr. Peter Vernese ). (Gnostic) claim that humanity created God-and so, from its own inner potential discovered for itself the revelation of truth. I think that the Gnostic went too far in saying that humanity created God. I do believe that we do have to find truth for our self through experience and education.

Pg123 Church is an instrument for own self discovery than as an "ark of salivation" This is one quote that I would absolutely agree with. I don't understand how God could let people burn because they are not Catholic, LDS, etc.. I think that church is instrument to teach you and educate you about Jesus and God. It would be evil if God had us choose a religion and if it is wrong one, we would burn. There is so many option and based on how people are raised and their own self morals, it is almost like a trick question.

Pg127 What is the Light? The lamp of the body is the mind. The light has been referred to as many things. I think that...