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The Employment Rights Act 1996

The Employment Rights Act 1996 is generally all the right an employee has. The main notion of this act is that it specifies every detail to what the employee would need to know when he or she starts to work. Below I have outlined some of the employments rights.

All employees are entitled to an itemized pay-slip which shows gross and net pay and details of any deductions, so for example, if I was a full time new employee at Boots Opticians and when I receive my wage I'd like to see how much form my net pay has been deducted for tax and the number of hours I've worked to get that amount or to see whether I have received that extra sick pay, also if they've paid me the right amount overall. If I hadn't known about receiving an itemized pay-slip and the possibility of theses situations happening I'd be losing a lot of money by not knowing my employment rights.

All females employees are eligible for maturity leave and then can return to work afterwards on the same terms and conditions

An employee cannot be dismissed as a trade union official or health and safety representative

Employees have the right not be dismissed unfairly by their employer and if this occurs then they can present their case to an employment tribunal

Employees dismissed through redundancy have the right to receive a redundancy payment

Employees must be allowed time off work for jury service or ante-natal care

The Sex Discrimination Act 1979

This act makes it illegal for anyone to be distinguished against on the grounds of gender either directly or indirectly, in employment this applies to recruitment and selection for jobs and promotion, training the way you are treated in a job,