Go Ask Alice

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Go Ask Alice

Have you ever had a problem? I'm sure you have because everybody

sometime in there life does. The book I read Go Ask Alice by an anonymous

author is all about problems, conflicts, and how to deal with them.

I would give a lot of information on the author if that was possible, but

the author is anonymous so I can not do so.

From the very first page I had a hunch that this book was about a drug

addiction problem. 'SUGAR & SPICE & EVERYTHING NICE; ACID &

SMACK & NO WAY BACK' (page 1). That was a very moving quote for

me. I am not sure exactly why but I guess because it shows how dangerous

drugs can be.

This book is based on a true diary of a young girl who got mixed up in

the drug world.

Alice bought a diary because she had a big secret that she could never

tell any of her friends.

It really only ended up being that a boy named Roger

she was in love with stood her up and she would be to embraced to tell her

friends. She makes a big deal out of it, I can already tell she is dramatic.

Her birthday is only five days apart from mine, that is a weird


From September 19 through September 25 she goes on about how

nothing every happens in her life. She does not enjoy her teachers, subjects

and school. She thinks everything is losing interest and everything's dull. I

think she just is going through the 'teenager blues'.

Julie Brown had a party but she didn't go because she gained seven

whole pounds. I don't think that seven pounds is a big deal.

On September 30th her father was invited to...